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How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Although the current marriage institution does not seem to last till eternity as it did some years back, an engagement ring still remains valuable and is a very powerful symbol in society. People who are in love, especially women, wish to be identified by the ring. That is why a woman would give anything just to receive an engagement ring from the love of her life. In fact, females say that the only way a man can show he truly cares for a lady is when he takes his ample time to buy a ring and puts it on her finger. Couples who want to make their engagement official could take a look at engagement rings Melbourne for sale today for the latest designs.

engagement rings Melbourne for sale

While some people argue that an engagement ring is just a piece of metal with no value, there is some importance in it. For women, the ring is a symbol of attachment to someone and, therefore, a sign that they are taken. Before a man makes a pass at a woman, he often looks at her hands to be sure she is open to seduction or not. When they spot a ring, respectable males usually never go beyond pleasantries. This, however, does not mean there are no exceptions. Ladies and gents could take a look at stylish engagement rings Melbourne for sale in the market for those wanted to show that they are already taken.

When shopping for a ring, a couple has to consider a variety of factors. Whether the ring is a surprise gift or something purchased by both, these are the points to think about;

  1. Status- Societal norms dictate a number of facts in people’s lives. Individuals who are regarded highly on the social ladder have to go for very expensive rings unlike the rest of the populace who are content with averagely priced rings. Take a look at engagement rings Melbourne for sale today for the latest gold or sapphire engraved rings.
  2. Durability– Some people take loans or save just to get a ring. After spending a fortune on the piece of metal, buyers would want a guarantee that it will last for a long time. When shopping for a ring, look for something that is made with high-quality metal to avoid regularly replacing it.
  3. Price– Although the popular belief is that highly priced items last longer than the low priced ones, sometimes even the cheapest items last while the highest priced ones get destroyed even before they have lived halfway through a buyer’s expectations.
  4. Complexion– Purchase an engagement ring that will match the complexion of the one wearing it. Although most rings seem to do well with all complexions, a color savvy person should be able to know what really matches their partner’s complexion.
  5. Safety– Cases of people getting robbed of their rings are numerous and some even got hurt in the process. One should buy a ring with safety in mind. If one resides in an area where mugging is rampant, avoid buying very expensive rings.
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Learn About Cambodia Volunteer Programs

Being a volunteer is a rewarding experience because you work willingly to improve lives of people in need, endangered species of animals, or restoring the beauty of Mother Nature. To fulfill your dream of being a volunteer Cambodia can count on, you need a reliable organization for placement. In that regard, IVI has placements currently in a variety of aspects that may include medicine, conservation, development of the community and education.

volunteer Cambodia

Cambodia’s Secrets revealed

To be the best volunteer Cambodia communities need, you need to understand its history. First off, the country has experienced decades of war and conflicts that have resulted in low standards of living due to grim poverty, disease, and ignorance. Those who do menial jobs get as low as less than a dollar and a half per day as their wage. About a third of its population lives below the poverty line. Human trafficking is common.

The poor in Cambodia are about 4.8 million, which constitutes about 90 percent of people located in the rural areas and who mostly depend on agriculture for their livelihood. About 1.6 million of the rural households are at risk of facing food shortage every year. These households look for income generating activities that are normally temporary and have a poor remuneration package. These combinations of factors make Cambodia a fitting destination for volunteering overseas.

Volunteer placements location

There is a place called Samraong, which is the capital of Meanchey province, and which is a relatively new province in Cambodia. The province is located north of Reap Province and borders Thailand. There is a city called Siem Reap, which is about 120 km away from Samraong. One travels by car for approximately 4 hours, based on the condition of the road. If it rains, then the trip may take longer. This place in Cambodia is in dire need of volunteers. When you get a placement with the right organization, here is what to expect:

Meals and Accommodation: volunteers are accommodated in a volunteer house with single-gender rooms holding four people per room. Laundry facilities are limited and so the volunteers wash their clothes by hand.

Resources such as water, paper, and electricity are used with restraint in Cambodia. Everyone should play his/her part in keeping the accommodation neat and well organized by cleaning up after you. There will be plenty of food during your volunteer stay for those interested in the gap year volunteering.

Orientation: volunteers are strongly encouraged to take up a 1-week introductory orientation to help them cope with the lifestyle and pace of Cambodia, hence you will get to know the town better, and everything you require to make your stay more comfortable. You have the option after the first few days to go straight into your chosen gap year programs.

Expectations and requirements

Feel free to come with a friend, family and if possible a group in Cambodia. Cambodia is one of the best destinations and you will be able to meet like-minded volunteers. Another good thing is that there is no limitation to the age limit for volunteers at all.

Why do you need a reliable organization for placement?

Such companies have the experience to facilitate volunteer programs. They also support local communities with minimum bureaucracy; besides, they are flexible and quite affordable. See more at Involvement Volunteers International.

For more information about programs for volunteer Cambodia currently has, visit

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