10 Things You Can Enjoy with a Skoda Rapid Wagon

If you’re looking to buy a new ride that’s perfect for your escapades, then a Skoda Rapid wagon can be your top choice. This model isn’t the latest to be released to the market but it wasn’t too long either since its arrival. In fact, you can find several reviews about this small family car from various users and most of them have good words. More information at skoda near me.

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Skoda Rapid is one of the flagships of the Czech-based carmaker Škoda Auto. Currently, there are three classes of cars sharing the Rapid brand, namely Europe’s five-door liftback sedan and a hatchback, China’s four-door sedan based on a similar platform, and India’s smaller version that was based on the PQ25 platform. The liftback sedan was first introduced in 2012 while the hatchback followed in 2013.

In Australia, the Skoda Rapid wagon arrived in May 2014 and unlike other previous models introduced by its manufacturer, this hatchback was a huge attraction among the big guns in the compact car category. This can be attributed to some of the wagon’s appealing specs and features.

Here are 10 aspects of the Skoda Rapid wagon you can enjoy if you decide on buying one:

  1. More rooms (plus a generous leg room and premium headroom) – This provides comfort for passengers while allowing more stuff that can be packed in its rear. This is ideal for family trips.
  2. New connectivity solution – Aside from the standard equipment that Rapid enjoys, it has additional features such as the Skoda Connect which allows passengers to stay always online.
  3. Simple but excellent voice control system – This lets you do something (i.e. calling someone from your phone contacts without taking your hand off the steering wheel.
  4. Electronic stability control standard – It has more controlled suspension which helps reduce your risk of an accident.
  5. Panoramic glass roof – This adds to the sportiness and elegance of the car. It also comes with a sunlight-reducing blind.
  6. Optional sports pack – With this, you can enjoy bonus features like stainless steel pedals, parking sensors, front sports seats, and privacy glass.
  7. High-tech turbo engine – Its DSG transmission can swiftly revert to taller gears. Moreover, the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is excellent and accompanies the exceptional urban road manners of the vehicle.
  8. Low running cost – It’s more economical to use due to its efficient engine resulting in impressive fuel consumption.
  9. More enjoyable to use on country roads – Despite the wide space between the wheel arch and the tyre which isn’t appealing to some, its louder sound gives a more thrilling feel while travelling on country roads.
  10. Cheap price – Offered at $18,990, this European small family car is the most affordable you can find on the market. Plus, it comes with a five-year unlimited kilometre warranty.

Although the Skoda Octavia RS wagon is last year’s bestselling Skoda model in Australia, Skoda Rapid is not far from having a lasting effect on the sales chart.

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