Deer Hunting Strategies at the VIC

Many hunters believe that hunting from a tree stand can increase chances of killing a deer. However, if you want to get the most out of deer hunting VIC has to offer, you can do much more than just setting your stand near a sturdy tree. Each hunter has his own tactics and experiences, but the following tips, if followed properly, can increase your chances of success while deer hunting in VIC.

Do not always follow common deer trails

Many hunters follow common corridors or deer trails while hunting in VIC. While they can harvest some animals, they often end up with small size catches. If you want to experience the big buck-hunting VIC has to offer, it is advisable to take the path that is less travelled. Mature bucks do not follow the common trails; otherwise, they would make it to maturity before they are killed. They have their own less common trails. It is advisable to take secondary trails that lead to a dense cover, which can be a good place to set up your stand.

Besides, you can look for pinch points, which are man-made or natural structures that lead to a more defined area. Pinch points can be a wooded fence or a natural barrier such as a pond, steep ravine, or a wooded trail. Focus more on secondary deer trails and you can find a good spot to hang your stand for a mature buck harvest.

Follow food sources and wait

Fields surrounded by food sources such as corn, turnips, or clovers can provide a suitable spot for deer hunting VIC offers. If you are targeting the food sources, you have to be patient because mature deers often wait until it is dark to retreat to the fields. Therefore, set your stand at a strategic place, most likely at the perimeter of the field or right inside the woods. With this strategy, you can end up with a mature buck during your VIC hunting adventure.

Follow water sources

With this strategy, you will have to set your stand near woodland streams, ponds, or waterholes. Such spots work best during midday when the animals are thirsty and come to drink water. Check the edges of the water sources to observe the most frequented spots. You can see fresh tracks of deer on the soft earth near the water point. You can then set up your stand strategically for a big harvest.

Observe prevailing winds

In addition to what you can use for scent control such as scent blocking clothing, breath control chewing gums, or cover scents, wind direction plays an important role during hunting in Dingley Dell Safaris. Mature bucks are very sensitive to scent and will detect your presence almost every time with the aid of wind direction. Therefore, while setting your stand, remember to know the duration of the prevailing winds so you can select a strategic tree from which to place your stand. It is recommended that you place the stand on the downwind side of the suspected path of the deer.

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