Wedding Photo Shoot Woes and How to Win It: Tips for Destination Wedding Photography

As how any young adult desires to travel the whole world and go to beautiful places, such is the desire of a wedding photographer to land a destination wedding photography gig. As an Australia-based wedding photographer, apart from offering affordable wedding photography services, you as a Byron Bay wedding photographer should also work your way into becoming a Bali wedding photographer for destination wedding photography services. Aside from the fact that this is a new, invigorating, and fun experience for you, this is also a great opportunity to learn more about your craft, explore new ways to improve, and of course get a great addition to your professional photography portfolio.

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However, being a destination wedding photographer has its ups and downs, its fair share of difficulty and challenges. But nothing is impossible with the right preparations! This article explores valuable tips on how to prepare for a destination wedding photo shoot and tips on different fun hacks you can make the bridal entourage do:

Photographer Preparations to Do

Always start by running the plan with the to-be-wed couple

Communicating with your photography clients is a must before starting any of your offered services. This is not a question of whether your expertise is enough, but a question of whether you can bring to life what the couple wants for their wedding photos. Also, sticking to the plan you will create lets you have more creativity with efficiency since you do not have all week to shoot at a foreign place or country.

Make sure to research about the places you will shoot at.

Like any one of your photography sessions, you want to be prepared so as to not have delays in the middle of the photography session. With destination wedding photography, you need to check the rules and regulations on the foreign land you will be doing the photo shoot at since you’re not as familiar with the place as at your own locality.

Be a smart businessman and charge your travel expenses accordingly.

Every business has to stick with a business plan and budget. If your couple wants to have the wedding photo shoot in the Caribbean, you can’t just dish out cash and pay for your own plane ticket. This is both reckless and can affect your business budget, so always make sure to discuss the financial side of things first before the trip to avoid any potential conflict.

Pack smart and lightly

Apart from listing down a plan with the couple, you need to make a list of the most important things you need to pack to get the job done.

Nice Photo Hacks for a Destination Wedding Photography Event

1. Have your bride prepare a different or the same wedding gown and trash it! Not in a bad way, but in a way that it looks great on photos. Perhaps you’re on a beach in the Caribbean, you can have the bride and groom walk on the shore and just let the gown float on the waves. This should be planned out first as to have enough time to prepare the gown on the actual wedding day.

2. Have the whole bridal entourage practice in the locality first before having them figure a flattering pose on the day and place of the wedding photo shoot itself. This saves both you and them from the agitation of not knowing what to do on the spot.

3. Remind the wedding coordinator or the couple to bring the invitations, the rings, and some other items they want you to capture on film. See more at

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